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We take your privacy very seriously so strive to run the most secure, efficient and portable proxy system for you to use anywhere in the world. Information technology allows people to receive an education and even teach themselves new things - so why try to restrict it. You will be able to surf to any website while cloaking your IP address and limiting the amount of private data that is usually leaked by computers. When used alongside other security measures like an up-to-date antivirus program, installed firewall software and VPN programs can make your connection virtually untraceable. Why give up your location to any web tracker? Use Poke Proxy!

Respecting Your Privacy

Internet Facts, Did You Know?

China has the biggest internet censorship system in place with people actively monitoring supposedly harmful material. Countries like Iran and North Korea heavily restrict and regularly monitor the content that citizens of their country are viewing - they crack down on dissent outside of the ruling parties in government. Web proxies like ours are regularly used to evade these oppressive practises and we strongly support information freedom in all countries.